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Selling your products online with OptLocal is an easy and cost-effective way to reach more customers and grow your business. Join a thriving community of preferred local vendors in ethical e-commerce.

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Why Join OptLocal?

No Setup Fees

It’s free to set up shop and list items on OptLocal.

Multiple membership options

Pricing starting at 2.9% + $0.20 per sale.

Increased Awareness

Join us in supporting small businesses and communities.

How Does OptLocal Work?

Listing your products in the OptLocal marketplace helps you to expand your store reach and integrate with multiple sellers under one roof. While providing such benefits, the one thing which OptLocal does silently is its contribution to the local community. By bringing various vendors and start ups together, it gives a boost to the local economy.

  1. Connect With Our Staff To Create Your OptLocal Sellers Account

    Reach out to an OptLocal Rep to get started creating your vendors account. They’ll help you get set-up, while ensuring your businesses needs are met.
  2. Add your products in our inventory

    Your customers know your business by the products you sell, so get them listed! When you add your products, you’re putting them on a marketplace for thousands of people to view.
  3. Attracting your hundreds of brand new customers!

    Now that your vendor profile is live, with your products listed, you can start selling to your customers, new and old. Take advantage of OptLocal’s promotional options to maximize your products visability.
We provide an e-commerce platform with all the benefits of shopping online where consumers can find a variety of locally sourced and produced items while supporting businesses in their own communities.”
- Joshua Ethier, Founder

The power of choice. The character of a community.

Having more sellers makes the marketplace more valuable for customers. The marketplace becomes infinitely more useful to a customer when its selection increases, especially since each offering on the site is unique.

The benefits

OptLocal makes it easy for you to reach new customers by giving them an easy way to shop local stores online!

  • Selling your products online with us is easy.
  • low fees on small accounts, excellent value on large accounts.
  • Increase your sales by reaching more consumers.
  • Online Market is simple and straightforward to use.
  • Premium services are available to promote your products.
  • Convenient and reliable shipping with Canada Post.

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Join us in supporting small businesses and their community

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